HBGSchindlers Newsletter March 2022

The South African Chair in Property Law Submissions to Parliament 
The South African Chair in Property Law workshopped the revised version of the Expropriation Bill with a panel of expert academics and practitioners in property and constitutional law. They produced a set of comments aimed at assisting Parliament in developing the Bill to more fully and efficiently promote and achieve sustainable transformation and the protection of property rights in South Africa. Listen to the radio interview here.
Expropriation #8: Where on earth are we South Africa?
This article is one in a series on expropriation, which looks at some of the fundamental legal issues pertaining to expropriation against the backdrop of the history of the process of revising our Constitution and various versions of the Expropriation Bill. A list of earlier instalments is included at the end of this article. This instalment considers the draft Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill 18/2021 and how the process is expected to unfold going forward.
The Rental Housing Tribunal: All Bark and No Bite?
The Rental Housing Tribunal has been described as being “all bark and no bite” in the sense that it does not have the authority to compel parties to act in terms of an order granted by it (commonly referred to as a ‘ruling’). It has been described as a dog that “has no teeth”. This article accordingly examines the enforcement capabilities for Rental Housing Tribunal rulings.
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